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The Dot is Making New Friends! New gTLD Awareness Video Releas The hostname rule requires that all domain names of the type under consideration here are stored in the DNS using only the ASCII characters listed above, with the one further addition of the hyphen -. The Unicode form of an IDN therefore requires special encoding before it is entered into the DNS. The following terminology is used when distinguishing between these forms: A domain name. After completing the New gTLD Program, a new gTLD becomes part of the Internet when it is delegated. This means it is introduced into the Internet's authoritative database, known as the Root Zone. Delegation is occurring on a rolling basis, and as information becomes available, we are publishing here. Please note, however, that this page is not being updated in real-time. Get information about. Die Liste länderspezifischer Top-Level-Domains (englisch country code top level domains, Abkürzung ccTLDs) listet 255 ccTLDs (Stand August 2019), wobei jedem Land genau ein Zwei-Buchstaben-Code (ALPHA-2) nach ISO 3166 zugewiesen ist. Daneben gibt es häufig noch eigene ccTLDs für abhängige Gebiete, die meist geographisch vom Mutterland getrennt sind und deren Code in der Regel ISO 3166-2.

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  1. Top-Level-Domain (Englisch für Bereich oberster Ebene, Abkürzung TLD) bezeichnet den letzten Abschnitt (rechts vom Punkt) einer Domain im Internet und stellt die höchste Ebene der Namensauflösung dar. Ist der vollständige Domain-Name eines Servers beziehungsweise einer Website beispielsweise www.example.com, so entspricht die Buchstabenkombination .com rechts außen der Top-Level.
  2. Visit the New gTLDs microsite. Find a complete list of Registry Operators. Many of the new TLDs are accepting registrations. Go to the InterNIC website for more information. Introduction. The Internet's domain-name system (DNS) allows users to refer to web sites and other resources using easier-to-remember domain names (such as www.icann.org) rather than the all-numeric IP addresses (such as.
  3. The gTLD, which stands for generic top-level domain, is commonly used to describe newer domain extensions, like .guru and .photography.Like the original website extensions - .com, .org and .net - the new custom domain extensions are part of what people type into the address bar of their web browsers to get to find you online. Thanks to these new domains, your domain suffix can now describe.
  4. Fortunately, Google made it clear that it will treat these domains no differently from any other, so using a new TLD will neither improve nor ruin your SEO efforts. Related: The Top 11 SEO Best Practices for Domains. A survey by Varn found that a majority of those asked trusted . com and . co.uk more than new TLDs. However, this one also showed that younger respondents were much more likely to.
  5. About the new gTLDs. The gTLDs that you see here have passed ICANN's Initial Evaluation and will be available for public registration through our site (subject to final registry policies). If any of the extensions listed interest you, we recommend pre-ording your desired domain name on the individual TLD pages linked above. Domain extensions.
  6. Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are one of the categories of top-level domains (TLDs) maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for use in the Domain Name System of the Internet.A top-level domain is the last level of every fully qualified domain name.They are called generic for historic reasons; initially, they were contrasted with country-specific TLDs in RFC 920
  7. The total number of new gTLDs United TLD applied for is 26. An Estimated of $185.000 will be charged by ICANN per domain, that means United TLD is looking to invest $4,810,000 in these domains below. The new top-level domains go live around the second half of 2013. Click on the specific Domain For more information

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Fortunately, there are hundreds of new domain extensions to give you plentiful options. Get a memorable name that tells your visitors what your site is all about with new extensions like.LIVE,.NEWS,.ATTORNEY,.ROCKS,.VIDEO, and even.NINJA. View a full list New domains in actio The new TLD .dev is coming soon. Google will launch this new TLD in early 2019, and it's sure to get a lot of attention. Check out Namecheap's special .dev information page for all of the latest information about the Early Access Program and how you can get a .dev domain for yourself! Investing in New Domain Names . In the early days, many people got rich by registering multiple .com. Even now, website owners with a .tk TLD can run their sites without paying a dime for the first 12 months after registering. Country code top-level domain list. The following domain extensions list includes every country domain in existence. With this table, you can not only discover which country or area the domain extensions belong to, but also whether the respective ccTLD is available with. The new top-level domains offer a much wider variety of options, making it more likely that you will be able to align your domain with your company name. Buying a .shop, .press, .agency, .construction domain, or one of the many similar domain names, such as .sales or .rentals, for example, enables new businesses to maintain brand integrity and stand out in the competitive online market The total number of new gTLDs TLD Registry applied for is 3. An Estimated of $185.000 will be charged by ICANN per domain, that means TLD Registry is looking to invest $555,000 in these domains below. The new top-level domains go live around the second half of 2013. Click on the specific Domain For more information

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Over 1,400 new top-level domains were submitted during the application process, many of them related to well-known brands. So over the next few years we may see large international corporations using their own domain extensions, for example .bmw, .google or .zara. As well as brand TLDs, hundreds of generic extensions were also submitted. A complete overview can be found in our list of generic.

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